Saturday, February 2, 2013

The future is here: Cloud Computing

     In the last few years a new technology has been emerging in the virtual world. Cloud computing may in fact be the future of the internet. Cloud technologies basically take a companies information and store it on online servers which makes it accessible from anywhere to anyone with an internet enabled device and a password. Although this may seem like a simple concept its changing the game and innovators who can use the cloud in new ways are flying ahead of the competition. Its first use was primarily for storage as seen in icloud services launched by Apple, dropbox, and CISCO cloud business solutions. although the cloud is a perfect tool for storage is power and worth lies elsewhere.
     Cloud technologies have made turned collaboration from a process that was difficult and needed a lot of workarounds online, to a beautiful and powerful collaboration platform. When Google launched its Google apps suite the game was changed. The suite features an array of cloud based apps that all are focused around collaboration made easy. The suite's premium version was a perfect solution for large businesses, colleges, and small businesses alike giving the power of easy collaboration through documents, calendars  and other project based programs to its subscribers. one of the most important things that set Google apart from other cloud services was that although they introduced a very user friendly interface for their products they didn't forget the clouds roots in storage and added that in. Most companies traditionally give their employees about 500 megabytes of storage space in email and other programs. With the Google apps suite users get  25 gigabytes of storage space on email alone. That number is increased with every program a business uses in the suite.
   So if super easy collaboration and a solid amount of storage wasn't enough Google just kept going. The whole suite is browser based so no software download is required. This makes the service completely compatible on virtually any device with a web browser and internet connection.
     Google isn't the only company switching from traditional products to cloud based products. Adobe released its CS6 suite as a cloud based subscription service allowing users to access the whole suite by downloading whatever program they wanted. The cloud based service also frees up space on user's hard drives by hosting the the whole suite in the cloud.
     So i guess the question becomes what is next for the cloud? In addition to that how will the cloud affect the hospitality industry?