Saturday, February 2, 2013

Interpersonal Communications

Most of us have friends or family members that are far enough away that we can’t visit them too often. Social Media has made it possible to stay in contact with them easy and simple with messaging and video calling. Some examples are AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Ichat, Yahoo!Messenger, Microsoft and Windows Life Messenger, OOVVOO, and Skype. The most popular one and the one who started the video calling revolution is Skype. With Skype you can video call anyone as long as both people have a Skype account. Skype can also make it possible to talk from a computer to a cellphone for a cheap rate with the use of Skype Premium.

In a business stand point communicating through video calls has done wonders. Corporate meetings consist of many different people from all around the world getting together to talk about crucial topics. This usually meant a lot of travel for many of the workers. Companies like Polycom, Cisco Umi and Vidyo are the leading companies used for corporate meetings. A problem that corporate meetings have is the quality of the video when adding numbers of people who are on the line. Vidyo is now using a new technology putting him in the lead of teleprencanse. The new technology is called H.264 Scalable Video Coding. In simple terms what it does is create a different stream for each person joining the video giving each user the highest quality. The older technology used one single steam for the all the videos and the quality would go down every time you added another user. The video shows what Vidyo is capable of doing.

How do you connect with your friends that are far away? Why did you pick that company versus some of the others mentioned above?