Monday, February 11, 2013

Integrate Strategies and Identify Resources

Two out of five steps to social media success are integrated strategies and identify resources. The first step in developing an integrated marketing strategy is the identification of the best media for each demographic you want to appeal to. Once you know your demographic you have to find out what social media platforms they are using or if they are not using any and adjust your marketing tools accordingly.  
Develop clean individual goals. When you create your message it has to have clear goals or conversation. Each message should have a predetermined definition for conversation. The fastest growing demographic is the 54-plus-year-old.   An example of knowing your demographic and how to reach them is  a conventional marketing tools such as selling things to the retired; direct mail might still be the best way to reach your targeted demographic.
Examples of Integrated Marketing Strategies

Integrate Existing conventional and new digital within each other. Place your major social media websites on your business cards. Put a hyperlink in every one of your emails that links people to your websites.
Another reason to engage in social media is that you are responsible for your reputation management. If someone says something positive or negative about you, wouldn’t you want to know that? Yes, this will allow you to keep good relationships with your customers. It also helps keep you informed one what your business if doing right or wrong.
Resources such as twitter, facebook, and blogger allow you to control reputation management. You want to retweet good tweets and disarm bad ones on twitter.  Never delete a bad comment on your blog. This should be used to talk with customers and it give you a chance to make things right. If it used inappropriate language, delete it.

Successful Campaigns allow you to closely monitor and measure your before and after result.  Set a benchmark, implement and measurement tools, run a small campaign, and measure the results. It is important to trace what resource is giving your business the best benefit. For example if a company spends all their time into managing an account and they are not get any business out of they have wasted time and money. You will want to test different tools and resources in different ways to get the best benefit from each.

How do you monitor all your social media accounts? What resources do you use to best market yourself? Have you ever thought of marketing yourself towards a specific demographic?