Previous Thought Leaders

Nicole Beletz

Nicole Beletz is currently a junior attending Syracuse University. She is studying Hospitality Management at the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics with a focus in Event Planning, as well as a minor in Public Communications at the S.I. School of Newhouse of Public Communications. She is a hardworking and responsible student whom has received the Dean’s List Award for every semester she has attended Syracuse University as well as recognition into the National Honors Society for Collegiate Scholars.

Nicole has much enthusiasm for the entire hospitality industry but seeks to obtain a career for her true passion, which is in the events field. She loves being around people and always has a positive and upbeat attitude. Her five-year experience in the restaurant, events and catering business has taught her the customer service skills and knowledge she needs to exceed in this industry. Nicole is certified in Food Safety and Menu Management. Although she has had various internships and jobs in the field, she is always eager to  learn more which she will have the opportunity to do this summer at her internship in New York City for Paper Magazine and Extra Extra Events.

Overall, Nicole is excited to become a thought leader and share her knowledge of social media with others. While she is sharing her thoughts on social media, she is also open to learn new and exciting topics about the engaging and popular social media world! Please follow her on Twitter to keep posted on social media tips and comments.

Nicole Beletz
Syracuse University 2013
David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Hospitality Management Major, Public Communications Minor

Reya Benitez

Reya Benitez is currently a sophomore attending Syracuse University.  She is studying Hospitality Management at the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics.  Reya is from New York City, and has been exposed to the hospitality industry ever since she was a little girl.  She is incredibly hardworking and dedicated to her studies. Her friendly personality allows her to build a strong relationship with the industry that will help her in the future.  She is extremely organized and is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve her true career goal of becoming an event planner.

Reya has 3 years of experience in the hospitality industry, from working in the marketing department in the Morgan Hotel Group to working as a hostess and waitress in the Gotham City Restaurant Group in New York City.  Reya is certified in both Food Safety and Menu Management.   Overall, Reya is extremely excited to continue to further her knowledge of social media and share it with others. 

Reya Benitez
Syracuse University 2014 
David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Hospitality Management Major

Katelyn Block

Katelyn is an OrangeWoman at Syracuse University, living each day to better her own life through bettering others’. She hopes to pursue a degree through the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, and a minor in Nutrition. Being the overachiever that she is, there will most likely be a double-major thrown in there as well.

Her senior year of high school, Katelyn began Chef Katelyn, the blog where she focuses on self-love and nourishing oneself with whole foods, a bit of sweat, and some sprinkles thrown in. Since beginning her blog in August of 2010, Katelyn’s audience has grown in sync with her Twitter followers, surpassing the thousands.

Katelyn can be reached at:

Nicole Gasman

Nicole Gasman is currently a sophomore at Syracuse University, studying Marketing and Hospitality Management. She is from Closter, New Jersey and attended Northern Valley Demarest High School. Nicole is a hard-working, dedicated, and responsible worker. 

Nicole has worked for businesses across the world, such as one in Florence, Italy. Her travels have made her more aware of the marketing field in which she would like to focus her career on. After having worked for several hotels, marketing brands, and day camps, Nicole’s experience has allowed her to flourish into the friendly, helpful, and outgoing person she has become.

Adam Gottdiener

Adam Gottdiener is from Westfield, New Jersey just forty five minutes from New York City.  Adam is a junior that is currently in Syracuse University, where he is studying Hospitality Management at the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. 

Adam traveled across many different areas in the world and has worked at day camps in New Jersey as well the Boys and Girls Club in Hilo, Hawaii. Adam also has numerous experiences in many different areas of the hospitality industry.  He has worked at motels, concessions stands at different concerts such as on Governors Island in New York City, and one of the biggest import/export food services , Atalanta Corporation in Elizabeth, New Jersey in the world while also doing work in their social media division, marketing, major importations. 

Adam is building a strong hospitality background to succeed in the field. 

Dominique Johnson

Dominique Johnson is currently a senior at Syracuse University where she is studying Hospitality Management with a minor in Sociology. She lives in Bronx, NY but is originally from the island of Jamaica where the hospitality industry is a major sector of its economy. She is an aspiring hotel and tourism marketing industry professional. She has displayed excellent levels of customer service from being a guest service team member in the retail industry and a catering server in the food and beverage industry and is certainly a people person. Dominique recently interned at the famous Paramount Hotel in the heart of Times Square, New York City during the summer, from which she gained an extensive look at the ins and outs of the hotel industry, from housekeeping to guest relations.

Dominique cannot wait to enter the hospitality world and hopes to use social media to broaden her knowledge and network within the industry. Please follow Dominique on Twitter to become a part of her social media experience.

Dominique Johnson
Syracuse University ‘12
Hospitality Management Major, Sociology Minor

JiMin Lee

JiMin Lee is currently a senior, with a major in Hospitality Management at Syracuse University. She is from Seoul, South Korea. JiMin graduated from a high school in Victoria, Canada. 2012 marks her five years of living in the United States.

JiMin values her study-abroad experience, which helps her develop excellent problem-solving skills and build a strong personality. Living overseas also allows her to appreciate different cultures. JiMin likes to help people in need, and is always open to learn new knowledge and believe that people need to be open-minded when learning new materials.

JiMin is interested in fields of Hotels and Event planning. She is certified in Food Safety. In the field of Hotel, JiMin is interested to work as a concierge so that she can dedicate to provide second to none services to the guests.

JiMin Lee
Syracuse University 2012
David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Hospitality Management Major
Ying-Tsen (Sandy) Lin
Sandy Lin is a senior at Syracuse University with a major in Hospitality Management and a minor in Art History.  She is from Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Sandy started her education in the U.S. during her sophomore year in high school. Over the years, she has overcome many challenges of studying abroad with  positive attitude and dedicates to work and study. She received certification in HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) and Menu Planning.

Sandy is interested in a career opportunity destination resorts. She believes that people can find a place in nature to relax and have fun with family and friends during leisure time.  Her dream is to build a villa in a nature environment and plant lavender/ sunflower in the back yard.

Ying-Tsen(Sandy) Lin
Syracuse University, class of 2012

Lauren Wannermeyer

Lauren Wannermeyer is a senior Hospitality Management and Marketing student at Syracuse University. Having begun using social media recreationally, she realized that she would like to continue to use social media as a part of her career. Much of her professional experience thus far has involved communications and public relations strategy with a specific focus in digital and social media. Lauren has worked or interned for Syracuse University, Syracuse University Career Services, The Opportunities Project, BR Guest Hospitality and more. Now she currently acts as a student facilitator for HPM 200, the class that produces this blog. 

With professional experience in many different types of companies, she has garnered expertise in media and communications in such industries as Hospitality & Restaurants, Career Management, Not-For-Profit & Higher Education.

She is seeking a post-grad position as a community manager, social media/communications strategist or coordinator specifically in the entertainment industry. Her dream job would be to create and maintain a social voice for television. Much of her spare time is spent immersing herself in all forms of entertainment. She would love the chance to take her love of entertainment and pop culture and apply her skills in social and digital media. 

Lauren is a self-proclaimed pop culture addict who runs on Soy Chai Lattes from Starbucks. She is a Greek woman, having served on the executive council of her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta from 2010-2011 and she bleeds orange in support of her soon-to-be alma mate University. She likes to say "Orange is not just a color, it's a lifestyle." 

She has been featured as a blogger for Youtern's The Savvy Intern, The Opportunities Project, Syracuse University Career Services Slice of Advice and BR Guest Hospotality's BR Blog. 

Follow Lauren on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled for her brand new television blog that is currently under construction.

Lauren Wannermeyer
Syracuse University 2012
David B. Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics
Matrin J. Whitman School of Management