Saturday, February 18, 2012

Can You Show Me That Video Again? Video: Overnight Sensations

“Bieber Fever.” Everyone has heard of Justin Bieber right? Well, the only reason Justin Bieber is where he is today is simply because of one video sharing website, YouTube. Bieber was a YouTube sensation; he had millions of viewers who were drooling over him and all they wanted was more and more video. So, he listened to the raving viewers, got picked up by R&B star Usher’s manager, and the rest is history.
So, the point of this anecdote isn’t to show that we can all be overnight YouTube sensations like Justin Bieber, but rather to prove a point that there are tools out there that can be utilized to turn nothing into something. Video or “vlogs” (Video web LOG) is quickly becoming the number one way to reach an audience or potential consumers. The reason video is so captivating is the fact that the consumer can become emotionally attached in numerous different ways. You can engage an audience through body language, senses, and creativity. While audio only allows us to hear the message, video allows us to interact through facial expressions and body language, which helps the viewer trust the content as well as the deliverer.
We all have our favorite videos that we love to share with our inner circle, but the greatest success of videos is how they reach people in our outer circles. Once a video is searched, either on YouTube or on a blog, it is then shared or reposted by people who find an interest it. Then, it is passed on and on, and by the end of the day thousands and even millions of people have viewed it, commented on it and most likely shared it with a friend. Video has the capability of making connections with people and an everlasting impression; this is why we love to watch the same videos over and over, because they bring back those same feelings we felt the very first time we ever saw it.
The most critical part of any social media strategy is to understand completely how it can benefit both you and the audience. You can already see the impact video has on someone and how quickly it can be shared, but the hard part is deciding what to make your video about. The Hospitality Industry can benefit from video whether it is a hotel, restaurant, catering business or even a blogger with a passion for the field. Video can help transform an intangible service or product into something substantial that viewers can connect with on a different level. For instance, taking a virtual tour of a hotel before booking a room to get a feel of what the hotel is truly about; or updates on trends and new changes a restaurant is implementing such as going green and using sustainable products. Seeing rather than hearing goes a long way. It allows the viewer to see with their own eyes exactly what you want them to, rather than the viewer creating a false image in their mind.
YouTube is quickly becoming the second largest search engine on the Internet; will hotels and other hospitality industry services fall behind if they don’t start keeping up with the trend? Will video become the new way to communicate over audio and text?