About This Blog

This blog is a collaborative effort of a group of students and me. It may seem that we are here because of an elective class¹, but I disagree. If we do not feel intrigued by the power of social media or want to make good use of the social media tools in both the personal and macro-organizational levels, I would not have developed two social media classes² in the first place, and students would not have chosen to take my class as a major or even a general elective course. 

This blog will play an irreplaceable role in students’ learning experience, where students share their knowledge of social media by leading and engaging in online discussions. Some students have completed internships as a social media officer before; others may be looking for an internship or career opportunity in the field. Please feel free to contact the students and me

Meanwhile, we would love to have your comments, suggestions, and advice on how people and organizations can better use social media tools for their advantages as well as how job seekers may land a career in the social media field. Thank you very much for visiting this blog. Please join our discussions and visit us often.

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1.       HPM 200 Social Media in Service Operations (at SU) and Social Media in Hospitality (at RIT)
2.       Another class is HPM 400 Advanced Social Media Strategies for Service Organizations.