Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another way to be famous: Improve SEO ranking

When I type in "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" on Google, Wikipedia comes up first, following with blogs, news, ads and google+. Wikipedia is the first result because it has the highest search ranking determined by Google. For many businesses and professionals, optimizing their own blog, website and videos has become an important goal because they want people to find them easily on those search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The next question is "How to optimize yourself on search engines?" In other words, how to make your rankings better than your competitors? Tips and cautions have been provided and discussed by many bloggers as well as online forums. The most interesting one I found is "The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors", created by The Search Engine Land.

Some of the tips seem to be obvious but it takes time, effort and labor to build up the ranking. It is not surprising to find that the SEO industry is growing and there are companies that provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. However, does it mean that SEO is completely dominating in terms of online marketing? Should companies and professionals heavily rely on SEO or SEM?

Gabriel Gervelis, the director of digital strategy at Blink Digital Health, published an article Is SEO Really SEO Anymore? Index Search Down 50%, Apps and Social Search Exploding. He notices that there is a shift in search behavior meaning that more and more people conduct their search on apps, social media (Facebook & Twitter), Wikipedia and other popular content sites. Traditional index search is down fifty percent. What does this mean to you as a hospitality professional?What are the factors will you consider when doing a SEM campaign? 

The picture was downloaded from Search Engine Land
Gabriel Gervelis at Search Engine Journel