Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's your ideal Virtual World?

The Virtual World, is a place to browse unexplored and new domains, visual and participate in imaginary communities and do business in a virtual marketplace with real customers and colleagues. 

Sims, a virtual reality simulator, was created back in 2000. As a little kid you were able to create your ideal virtual reality, from choosing the perfect house to creating your ideal husband/ wife and family. If you had a crush on Brad Pitt, you were able to create a character that looked exactly like him and make you as the spouse; along with making a huge house with a pool, tennis court and the biggest backyard you could ever think of and so much more. If you had the secret code “rosebud”, you could enhance your daily income to meet your actual needs, instead of what the game gave you. This game allowed kids of all ages to see a virtual reality that would continue to change the way to which they saw the world as they grew up, and experience interactions with other people starting from a young age. The life of the virtual would is expanding into something huge, and will have an impact on its users that will change their lives.

It has allowed us to simulate situations, from a young age, that only you could wish would happen. The virtual world has created a close nit community that will continue to expand. These worlds allow its users to create something that is completely unique to them. Since Sims, there are many other virtual realities that have allowed its users to simulate real life situations. From Second Life to World of Warcraft, these games are vastly diverse yet attract a distinctive type of person. Sims has also created numerous versions on this game, constantly updating and There will continue to be a distinct change in the virtual world, allowing it to expand into something that the whole world will soon be involved in. Business in the virtual world is still new, but it is this reality that will continue to develop relationships with customers, meet other avatars, and meet new people within this developing community.

If you were able to create an ideal life in the virtual world, what would it be?
What are some ways the virtual world has changed your life?