Saturday, April 6, 2013

Productivity Applications - Wunderlist

With new apps being put on the market by the hour, it’s difficult to know which will actually help you at the end of the day. Productivity apps are among the most popularly downloaded applications today. After all, everyone needs a little reminder every once in a while, no? As an iPhone user, I knew I’d have a vast amount of apps to chose from when researching ones in the productivity realm. Once I ventured through the boundless App Store, searched through the depths of Google, and read the many copious reviews/rankings, I found my app of choice – Wunderlist.

I downloaded it and within two minutes I was signed up and ready to begin my new relationship with this application. Would it be worth it? I was never one to believe in productivity apps despite my consistent forgetfulness and lack of attention to naturally I was unsure of how long my commitment to this would last. But for the purpose of my thought leader project, I pressed on.

To the left were pre-made tabs labeled, “Inbox”, “Private”, “Work”, “Shopping”, “Movies to Watch”, and “Wishlist”. I also had the option to add or delete the tabs. I began by entering in my homework for one of my classes, setting a reminder, adding a few notes, and finishing within ten seconds. Not too shabby, Wunderlist…not too shabby.

I thought that was all that the app had to offer, but I was wrong. I checked my email and was asked to click a link to activate my account, which led me to the page below. Not only could I enter in reminders, tasks, lists, etc. into the app, but I could also share it via the Web, with my friends, and with my associates. So not only was this app going to help me remember things I would usually forget, but it would also send it to my other devices and be stored online. Helloooo...this is cloud technology at it’s best!

Coming from a harsh critic, I was surprised to find that Wunderlist was both impressive and innovative. Its most impressive feature was the cloud technological features, but I will have to keep readers posted on whether or not it helps grade-wise too (hint hint Dr. Kwok)!