Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Did You Know?- Social Me by Zeebly

How conscious are you of the statuses you post on Facebook? Do you know how many Statuses you have posted since your Facebook birthdate? In August 2012, this social media application called Social Me, published by a company called Zeebly launched and created a patent to gain access to a copy of the data that is exposed on Facebook. The data is collected and put together using statuses, likes, post times, friends, and many other things that help discover the lives and personalities of the people who use Social Me.

Social Me captures data from a Facebook profile and creates an infographic of a person and explains their life. An infographic is a visual illustration of information or data that is projected to display multifaceted information quickly and clearly. Social Me doesn't take the information posted on Facebook at face value, rather it goes in depth and infers the meaning behind statuses, comments, likes and linguistics used by an individual and interprets it in a statistical sense. For example, in the image below you will see a bar chart created by Social Me, which analyzes my personality qualities, based off my status posts.

Social Me allows for one to realize and acknowledge how they are viewed from a different perspective on who they are and their personality. Representation in the social media world is important and if simple things like a Facebook status can be viewed negatively, someone will portray you as such. (That someone can be an employer) In the Social Media Bible, Lon Safko describes the importance of closely analyzing communication strategies in social media and how a person or company is being portrayed within in different demographic groups. Safko analyzes these communication strategies by answering the following questions in relation to different demographic situations:
o   What is the description for the demographic group?
o   Who is your persona?
o   What is your style?
o   What is your message?
o   What is your frequency?
o   What is your call to action (conversation)?

These questions are valuable to analyzing a company or an individual in the professional world. Yes, Social Me might just be an analyzing machine but in the end, these questions can also be answered in an individual basis with the analytical and statistical data provided. Social Me is quite interesting, easy to use and mostly accurate for most people.  If you want to try out Social Me, please visit http://www.zeebly.com/social_me
And sign in with your Facebook username and password.

After trying Social Me
1)    Do you think it’s an accurate test and can you agree with the analytical results?
2)    What is one thing that caught your attention about Social Me?

, Lon, and David K. Brake. The social media bible: tactics, tools, and strategies for business success. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, 2009. Print.